Taboulé – Lebanese parsley salad

Taboulé – Lebanese parsley salad

Taboulé is a salad consisting mainly of chopped parsley and a smaller proportion of fine bulgur. It is accompanied by juicy tomatoes, fine onion cubes and a whole lot of good olive oil. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Taboulé is a wonderfully fresh salad, which also goes very well with grilled meat or fish because of its beautiful acidity. This is why the salad can be found on many Levantine table sets. A mezze with fresh falafel, creamy hummus and good wine shouldn’t be without the parsley salad. But before you can enjoy it, you first have to snip a lot.

First parsley, then mint, then tomatoes and onion. It doesn’t sound like much at first, but if you have a whole mountain of parsley in front of you, you know what I mean. My mother, for example, has developed into a true shredder in the many years that she has already prepared Taboulé. 😉

The most common mistake that many people make, by the way, is that they use couscous instead of fine bulgur. Couscous has no business in this salad. So always use fine bulgur. The bulgur always remains a little bit firm to the bite and soaks up olive oil and lemon juice while marinating.

Even if it may be a lot of snipping, the work is definitely always worth it.

Recipe for 4 servings of Taboulé

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