Shakshuka – Poached eggs in a tomato sauce

I am sometimes really surprised when one of my friends tells me that she/he doesn’t know Shakshuka yet. My first question after this outing is: When are you coming over for breakfast?

Meanwhile Shakshuka has made his way into the hearts of the world – but apparently not into all of them. This is reason enough for me to awaken the missionary in me and bring this wonderful dish from the Levant to the people. I am a feeder anyway… so everything fits for me quite well.

The first question is always: What is Shakshuka?

When you order shakshuka, instead of a plate, you get a hot pan. In it a hot sauce of tomatoes and paprika with garlic, chili and some spices. And in this sauce some eggs were cooked. Usually there is no cutlery with it, which brings us to the next question, which I always hear.

How do I eat Shakshuka?

Shakshuka is always served with flat bread. You just rip off a piece of flat bread and dip it in the sauce. You can also take a piece of the poached egg and enjoy it together. For Shakshuka you don’t really need any cutlery 😉

You can easily extend it with eggplant or zucchini. Feta or garlic sausage are also great. But every family in the Middle East and North Africa has its own recipe. Everyone makes their shakshuka differently. But this basic recipe is particularly widespread and popular.

With Shakshuka I associate a totally cosy feeling – a feeling of security. Especially when it gets cooler outside, I love to cook Shakshuka. I then have the feeling that with every piece of bread with which I take in the hearty sauce, I bring back a bit of summer – and also somehow always a childhood memory.

The poached eggs make it a delicious main course. By the way: in our place Shakshuka is actually a (late) breakfast or an (early) dinner 😉

The sauce is made quickly and you only need a pan for it. So there is not so much to wash off afterwards. Little by little you add the ingredients. So Shakshuka makes it all by itself. Finally, make some space in the pan for the eggs and put the lid on – a few minutes later you have a delicious dish that will not only suit your stomach but also lifts your mood.

Shakshuka recipe

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