Shaabiyat Baklava Mascarpone Cream Dessert levantine recipe

Shaabiyat: Baklava pouches with cream filling

Shaabiyat are crunchy and creamy. Beautifully sweet, but not too sweet. The perfect dessert for all those who want to immerse themselves in the world of the Levante and the Orient. Everybody knows Baklava by now, Shaabiyat is still an insiders’ tip.

While Baklava has already made it into the hearts of many people, the fantastic Shaabiyat dessert is still overshadowed by its prominent sister. That’s reason enough now for these wonderful triangles on crispy filo dough and the aromatic creamy filling of mascarpone to vigorously beat the advertising drum.

The sight alone is delightful. Serve your loved ones a dessert after they definitely want more.

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