Lebanese Chicken Skewers Shish Tawuk Recipe

Lebanese chicken skewers: Shish Tawuk

To a really good BBQ in Lebanon always belong these fantastic chicken skewers. The chicken breast fillets marinated in yoghurt and many spices become really tender and juicy. You don’t want to wait for the other delicacies from the grill anymore.

In the Levant, and thus of course also in Lebanon, grilling is very common and very popular. All kinds of specialities are always served for barbecuing. Hummus and taboulé are a must and make the BBQ plate complete.

The onion mixture, which is served with the skewers, is very special: Onion rings mixed with sumac. Sumac is a spice obtained from the berries of the sumac tree. Sumac tastes slightly sour and has a reddish colour.

When Shish Tawuk then comes from the hot grill, the skewer is first “dried” briefly with a flatbread. The flat bread then absorbs the juice and is flavoured.

If you want to serve the Lebanese chicken skewer authentically, then spread a Lebanese flatbread with hummus, cover it with the grilled chicken and top it all with fresh tomato and the onion-sumach mixture. Roll in the flatbread and your Shish Tawuk sandwich is ready.

Recipe for 6 Chicken skewers

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