Hummus vegan chickpea drip levantine recipe

Hummus: The healthy vegan chickpea dip

Hummus and the Levant are connected inseparably. There is hardly a table set in the Levante without this wonderfully creamy chickpea dip. In the meantime Hummus has also found a firm place in the western world.

How do I prepare hummus?

It is very easy to prepare and does not need many ingredients. In addition, the vegan chickpea cream is ready in under 15 minutes.

You will need cooked chickpeas (you can take chickpeas out of a tin), garlic, tahini (this is a sesame sauce), some lemon juice and cumin. That was it, actually. You have to boil the chickpeas for a few minutes and then mix all the ingredients in a Food Processor until creamy.

What can I have with hummus?

The dip is a real allrounder. You can serve it with vegetable sticks, flat bread or as a sauce for delicious burgers, BBQ (like the delicious chicken skewers) or sandwiches. You can extend the list as you like.

Recipe for Hummus

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