Golden Milk tumeric Milk cardamom honey recipe

Golden Milk: Tumeric milk with cardamom

Golden milk with aromatic cardamom and sweet honey is just the right thing when it’s really wet and cold outside. Imagine sitting in your warm apartment, looking out the window and having a warm cup of Golden Milk in your hands. I love it!

The recipe does not require many ingredients and is also prepared very quickly. You need milk, turmeric, cardamom and some honey. If you like, you can of course extend the recipe with other ingredients, such as ginger, vanilla or so.

If you do not tolerate milk or if you are vegan, simply exchange the milk for your favourite milk made from almonds, soy or oats. Don’t worry, the taste won’t be ruined.

I guess I don’t have to tell you first that turmeric is a real superfood, do I? 😉
So, make yourself comfortable and drink a nice warm cup of Golden Milk.

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