Chicken Shawarma Recipe

Chicken Shawarma

Chicken Shawarma is one of the most popular street food of the Levante. Delicious marinated, tender chicken in flat bread with pickled vegetables and salad.

While the beef/lamb version tends to use Tahini sauce, chicken in Levantine cuisine is always served with Toum. If you now have three question marks on your face or above your head, that’s quite normal. Toum means “garlic” in Arabic. And the name for the Toum sauce is more than fitting, because it’s basically a mayonnaise with a very high proportion of garlic. You can expect to consume almost a whole clove per teaspoon of Toum 😀

So if you want to make chicken shawarma yourself, then you shouldn’t have any important dates in the next few days – or always have a supply of chewing gum with you. But the taste compensates any social isolation. 😉

Your spice rack should be well filled for chicken shawarma. You definitely need cumin, caraway, cumin, cardamom, coriander, paprika, cloves, harissa and garlic. Then mix everything with fresh yoghurt and marinate the chicken overnight.

When it comes to meat, you can use chicken breast or chicken legs (boneless). I mostly use the breast. After marinating, the meat is either put on the grill or in a pan. Depending on how thick the meat is, you can either cut it in half, cut it directly into strips before marinating or place it in the oven after grilling to finish cooking.

Either way: Chicken Shawarma is super easy to make. The recipe is also great, if you have a small party, then each guest can wrap his own sandwich. With the chicken and the mayonnaise, all you need is fresh tomato, some parsley and pickled vegetables. You can simply use pickled cucumbers or serve it authentically with red pickled radish.

If you like grilled chicken, try the chicken skewers.

So, now try the delicacy and tell me in the comments how you liked it.

Recipe for 4 Chicken Shawarma Sandwiches

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