Levantine Flatbread

Levantine Flatbread

A flat and round rolled out yeast dough in the oven suddenly starts to breathe…?How can that be?! Why does this flat bread in the oven separate right in the middle? Why does it inflate and become a mini-balloon?!“Crazy world!” I used to think as a kid – and my mother used to laugh at …

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Lebanese potato salad

Lebanese potato salad

No potatoes in the Levant? Who says so? First of all, people there are absolutely crazy about fried potatoes and secondly, they like to have a fresh potato salad for the barbecue. But here, the mayonnaise is missing and in addition to that, garlic is added in a very appetizing way 😉 But what’s the …

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Sfiha lebanese meat pies

Sfiha – Lebanese meat pies

No birthday, no buffet and generally no celebration or party without Sfiha! These delicious little pies with “built-in pine nut turbo” are the absolute classic when it comes to finger food in Lebanese cuisine. Small, handy and super deliciously filled. If you have known my blog for a while now, then you probably already know …

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Kafta – Lebanese Kebab

“It’s Kafta, not Köfte!” Again and again I have to tell this to friends when I serve them these delicious Lebanese kebabs made of minced meat and parsley. Well, Köfte is going in the right direction after all 😀 Kafta is as the Lebanese counterpart to the meatball, the Turkish Köfte or the Ćevapčići of …

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fattoush lebanese salad


My little niece will soon be 8 years old and has so far proved to be a very difficult eater. But there are a few things she loves to eat. One is tomatoes – actually she should be bright red in her face by now. Then there is Taboulé. The other day when we were …

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