levantine buttered rice recipe

Buttered rice – More than just a side dish

Buttered rice is one, if not the most frequent and popular side dish in the Levant – not to mention French fries. Often there are even both side dishes at the same time. But well, in the Levante people know well what is best. It’s cheap, doesn’t need many ingredients, but at the same time it’s an incredibly intense taste experience. In addition, buttered rice is quickly prepared. When lunchtime has to be very fast and you don’t have time for extensive cooking, often only a large bowl of buttered rice with fresh yoghurt is served as topping.

It goes fantastically well with stews, such as the white bean stew, and even as a side dish with salads. You can also season the rice with a little curry and give it a completely different flavour or use it as the basis for a delicious pilaw. But no matter what you serve the rice with, it is guaranteed to be incredibly delicious.

Recipe for 4 portions:

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