basbousa semolia cake

Basbousa – Levantine Semolia Cake

“Bass!” is what they said whenever I tried to steal some hot cake. “Bass, ewlay!” I still tried, of course. The expression “Bass!” in this case has nothing to do with an acoustic shock wave or the name of this delicious semolina cake Basbousa, but means as much as ” Leave it!” and “Ewlay” is an expression you use when you mean a male fellow human being and want to insult him. Uh-oh.

Did the inventor of this semolina cake want to tell a child named Bousa to leave the cake alone? And someone else might have thought at that moment that this is the name of the cake? “Bass Bousa!!!” Hm… who knows?!

Basbousa is very tasty and it is very desirable to steal it from the windowsill. Or, you could just bake the cake yourself. Basbousa is not only very tasty, but also very easy to prepare. Some semolina, a few coconut flakes, a sip of yoghurt – that’s almost it. Have I forgotten anything? Oh yes: sugar syrup! A whole lot of sugar syrup! But believe me, the semolia cake will still not be too sweet – but incredibly juicy and tender. Of course the perfume of Arabian desserts should not be missing: Rose water.

But be careful: don’t leave the window open when cooling down! The scent will definitely attract fans… “Bass!” 😛

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