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broad bean salad

Broad Bean Salad

When you’re really hungry, “salad” always sounds kind of lame, doesn’t it? When I’m hangry,…
fattoush lebanese salad


My little niece will soon be 8 years old and has so far proved to…

Hi! I am Rafik.

Welcome to Levantine Recipes!
This food blog is all about the Levantine cuisine. Ever since I was a child, I loved to hang out with my mother in the kitchen. On the one hand I did this because it always had such an incredibly delicious smell and I was a glutton – on the other hand because I was fascinated by how much devotion my mother used to create the tastiest meals out of some sometimes funny or boring looking ingredients. I hope I can inspire you, as my mother inspired me.
I hope you have a good time. Make yourself at home. Enjoy your meal!

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